A new DeFi design space

A layer 1 blockchain with a built-in orderbook, enabling an entirely new echelon of DeFi products

New Financial Products

By combining both the orderbook infrastructure and the underlying chain, you can create brand new types of derivatives and options on Sei.

DeFi will always come first on Sei, prioritizing speed and reliability.

Built using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core, Sei supports CosmWasm smart contracts and integration with other IBC chains.

Ultra-high Performance

Sei is a layer 1 blockchain purpose-built for an orderbook. Combining on-chain security and decentralization with off-chain speed and efficiency.

Sei's on-chain CLOB and matching engine provides deep liquidity and price-time-priority matching for traders and apps.

Shared Liquidity Hub

Designed with developers and users in mind, Sei serves as the infrastructure and shared liquidity hub for an entirely new wave of DeFi applications.

Apps can easily plug-and-play to trade on Sei orderbook infrastructure and access pooled liquidity from other apps.

Build with us

Leverage superior reliability and ultra-high transaction speeds