A New DeFi Design Space

Sei is the DeFi layer 1 blockchain. The fastest layer 1 optimized to give DeFi apps an unfair advantage, enabling entirely new financial products

Decentralized Nasdaq

Peak Finality


Orders / Second


Ecosystem Apps


The DeFi Layer 1

Most layer 1s fall into two extremes - general purpose (Ethereum, Solana, Aptos) or app-specific (dYdX, Osmosis).

Sei explores the middle - not quite general purpose nor app-specific, but DeFi specific.

Built-in Order Matching

Apps built on Sei can leverage the built-in order matching engine to instantly spin up markets for any type of asset and financial product.

Unlike every other layer 1, order matching is built into the Sei chain, making the infrastructure scalable to the billions of users on traditional financial rails.

Unprecedented Speed

Sei is the fastest chain to finality. Period.

Developers can build DeFi apps on Sei with ultra-high performance to truly mirror the user experience of legacy financial markets.

Integrated with Cosmwasm shapes

Frontrunning Proof

MEV and frontrunning prevention is built into the Sei chain, improving developer and user experience across the board.

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CosmWasm compatible